robot and human
What is?

What happens when humans work in harmony with technology and machine intelligence to expand and enrich life, helping us to experience more, and in deeper ways, to make better decisions and fulfill our potential as humans



Emission reductions

Improving the efficiency of industrial processes, as well as corresponding emission reductions


Adequacy of production

Development and adequacy of production processes according to the characteristics of the active population


Industry 4.0

Preparation of human resources for a new industrial reality (industry 4.0)


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20 Nov 2023
Closure of Augmanity, a mobilizing project developed by Bosch in partnership with the University of Aveiro

The Augmanity project presents innovative solutions in the areas of Industrial Ergonomics and Robotics, Data Science, IIoT/5G, Virtual and Augmented Reality.

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Projeto Theia
31 Oct 2023
Theia Project from Bosch-University of Porto © consortium

Bosch: "The convergence of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things makes perfect sense"

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Apresentação publica
06 Sep 2023
Public Session to Present the Results of the Augmanity project

On the 20th of September at 2 pm at the Bosch Aveiro, the Public Session to Present the Results of the Augmanity project will take place.

Reserve your place now HERE


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